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Admissions: Guidebook
Admissions: Admissions Process


  • Grades 1st to 7th must submit current and last year's report cards 

  • Grades 1st to 7th must submit standardized test results and all applicable school records.

  • Birth Certificate

  • Baptism Certificate

  • Teacher Referral Questionnaire:  Applicants for grades 1st - 7th are required to have two teacher questionnaire forms submitted to the school.

  • Family Commitment Program: Families applying must agree to support the SJNCS Family Commitment Program

  • Personal Interview: A personal interview may be required as part of the application review.

Enrollment Process

  • Screening: Applicants, grades PK-3 through Kinder must be screened for readiness.  Parents are called for an appointment after the application has been processed.

  • Shadow Day: Student applicants for grades K- 7th will be called for an appointment to spend a shadow day in the classroom as part of the application review.

  • Entrance Exam: Applicants for grades 1st - 7th must take an entrance exam. 

Applications for

2024-25 are closed

Tuition and Fees

Application Fees

  • $180.00 NON-REFUNDABLE Application/Screening Fee.

  • NON-REFUNDABLE Re-Registration Fee per Child.

    • $525.00 for returning students​

    • $650.00 for new students


Tuition & Fees

Admissions: Tuition & Fees
Admissions: RSVP: School Tour

RSVP: School Tour


Admissions: Testimonials
Admissions: Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

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