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Our Academics

Academics at St. John Neumann Catholic School take advantage of contemporary methodology, materials, and technology. However, our values are timeless. Critical and creative thinking are encouraged across the curriculum.

Teachers and assistant teachers are highly educated, skilled, caring, and dedicated to their profession. Our staff believes in working collaboratively in providing differentiated instruction that stems from each child’s strengths and needs. Thus, striving to encourage each student’s unique talents while balancing his or her physical, spiritual, and intellectual growth. Our strong tradition of academic rigor shapes coursework that inspires motivation, interest, and ultimately love and passion for learning.

Academics: Early Childhood

Early Childhood 

Eagle's Nest

The SJNCS Early Childhood program for PK3 to 1st grades provides a strong foundation to ignite a passion for learning. Faith and literacy infused, the program focuses on cognitive, social, physical, and spiritual growth. Teachers and full-time assistant teachers ensure that the children are fully engaged through guided play, group learning, and differentiated, hands-on learning activities each day.


Small group instruction takes place for reading readiness incorporating the Bell reading program and the Handwriting Without Tears Writing Program. The early reading literacy program encourages an awareness of how reading and writing are useful, develops listening comprehension skills and oral language skills while exploring the process of communication through written language.


A strong math foundation is established working with small groups teaching the key skills of number sense, spatial sense, measurement, estimation, and patterns leading to the development of problem-solving skills through hands-on and real-world play. The early childhood curriculum includes weekly special classes in art, music, PE, and Spanish.

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The SJNCS Elementary program for 2nd to 4th grades incorporates a rich curriculum of academics to instill in our students a life-long love for learning and a love for God and family. Teachers focus on establishing an organization, study skills, and time management as they encourage students to move towards becoming independent learners and critical thinkers. In 2nd grade, students prepare and receive their 1st Communion and embark on the years when students gain knowledge and understanding of their Catholic values and beliefs.

The language arts program focuses on guiding students into becoming effective communicators, both orally and in writing, to use language proficiently and for a variety of purposes. A conceptual approach to mathematics is emphasized to teach students problem-solving. While the social studies and science program's focus is on developing informed and engaged citizens through global awareness, history, and nature. The elementary curriculum includes daily religion classes and weekly classes in art, music, and physical education with technology skills infused in all subject areas.

Academics: Elementary
Eagle Prep
(5th to 8th)

The SJNCS Eagle Prep program is for students in 5th through 8th grades. The program is distinguished from that of the lower school in that students are exposed to a more rigorous academic curriculum. Eagle Prep students are given more privileges and independence in order to promote student responsibility, ownership, and goal setting. The ultimate goal of the Eagle Prep program is for the students to be prepared to enter the high school of their choice. Spiritually, the Eagle Prep students prepare for the sacrament of confirmation, which they receive in 8th grade.

  • Honors and Prep tracks in Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies

  • The concentration of special subjects in Music, Art, and Digital Design

  • 1:1 take-home iPad program

  • WSJN News

  • Retreats

  • Dare program

  • Student Council

  • National Junior Honor Society

  • Academic Competitions

The ultimate goal of the Eagle Prep program is for the students to be prepared to enter the high school of their choice. The Saint John Neumann Catholic School graduate upon graduation, will demonstrate the qualities of spirituality, excellence in academics, leadership and character.

Academics: Eagle Prep

St. John Neumann Catholic School students in 1st to 8th grades are engaged in project-based cross-curricular learning.  Our goal is that through practical applications of theoretical concepts, students will develop and practice skills that will enable them to succeed as lifelong learners while maintaining their Catholic identity. Teachers meet to collaboratively work on S.T.R.E.A.M. lessons in order to ensure that the objectives for each discipline are met.  S.T.R.E.A.M. activities take place weekly. 

Robotics class is offered to Eagle Prep students who have demonstrated problem-solving and design abilities. Students are initiated into the program with the EV3 in 6th grade where students discover how to build robots, and apply computer programming concepts to find new ways to get their “bots” moving while following their commands. In 7th grade, the students are introduced to pre-competition level VEX—IQ robots. The Robotics program culminates with the VEX-V5 competition-level robots that are used in high schools and college engineering courses.

Academics: STREAM/Robotics
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