Developing students' faith, minds and bodies in the spirit of St. John Neumann

St. John Neumann Catholic School (SJNCS) was established as a parish school in 1981, serving Preschool (PreK 3) through 8th grade. We are a state-of-the-art school building equipped with a sophisticated innovation lab. SJNCS offers a rigorous academic curriculum as well as extracurriculars, including a strong athletic program.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the spiritual, intellectual and physical needs of the students. SJNCS believes that children are individuals created in God’s image. Thus, integrated throughout the curriculum, respect for self and others is taught and lived, in order to promote students’ development into self-disciplined, productive, moral members of society.
SJNCS provides a demanding, yet well-balanced education with a strong emphasis on faith and academic formation. Innovative trends in technology, STREAM, and best practices for individual student success are integrated throughout the disciplines at SJNCS. Our innovative curriculum incorporates an Enrichment program, low student-teacher ratio, STREAM, Robotics, and Digital Design paving the way for the future of Catholic education. There is a commitment to the teaching of Catholic values in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment while promoting academic excellence.
All teachers are State of Florida certified and exceptionally well qualified to teach in their field.  Over half hold advanced academic degrees.  SJNCS employs or contracts teachers who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees, have at least 3 years of teaching experience in public or private schools, or have special skills, knowledge, or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in subjects taught.
SJNCS offers opportunities for recognition in national, state and local competitions. Academic excellence is heightened and motivated by a strong participation in scholastic competitions. In its history, SJNCS has gained both an Archdiocesan and a community reputation for academic excellence. Moreover, our graduates go on to excel in Catholic high schools, reputable private preparatory schools, and  MDCPS magnet programs.
Service is at the root of our values, therefore SJNCS also encourages and provides opportunities for our students to serve others through our service initiatives, including our annual “Socks for the Homeless” and monthly “Reach Out” programs, as well as Altar Servers, Lectors, and other community needs that arise throughout the year.
In addition to our specialized academic programs, SJNCS provides extra-curricular activities and services such as our award-winning after-school sports program and a variety of clubs including Art Club, Eagles Wings Musical Ensemble, and Homework Club.  SJNCS also partners with a fine arts program and an outside sports organization. Through the fine arts program, students are offered after school lessons in Musical Theatre, Ballet, Dance, Languages, Chess and Social Skills interaction classes. The sports organization offers opportunities for children in grades PK-2 to engage in organized team sports.




Mission Statement

Saint John Neumann Catholic School provides a quality Catholic education, rooted in the Gospel, committed to academic excellence, Catholic faith formation, and service to others, developing active community members who model Christianity in both words and actions.


Our Staff

Guidance, Inspiration and Support

Jose Alfaro.png

Fr. José N. Alfaro


Cris Rodriguez.png

Cris Rodriguez


Christina Villaverde.png

Christina Villaverde

Assistant Principal Discipline

Elsie Valderrama.png

Elsie Valderrama

Assistant Principal Curriculum & Instruction

Cecilia Paz.png

Ceci Paz

Development Director

Maria Millares.png

Maria Millares


Vivian Diaz.png

Vivian Diaz

School Secretary

Puri Perez.png

Puri Perez

Office Assistant

Carlos Moya.png

Carlos Moya

IT Director

Denise Berio.png

Dr. Denise Berio

Guidance Counselor

Lourdes Garcia-Montes.png

Lourdes Garcia-Montes

ESE Coordinator

Adriana Lopez.png

Adriana Lopez

ESE Coordinator

Cristina Shea.png

Cristina Shea

ESE Assistant

Rhommy Gonzalez.png

Rhommy Gonzalez

Yearbook - Spanish

Lillian Santiago-Caballero.png

Lillian Santiago-Caballero

Music/Choir Director

Yvette Benitez.png

Yvette Benitez

Art Teacher

Milagros Areces.png

Mily Areces

Development Assistant

Julie Espino.png

Julie Espino

Math Teacher Lead

Diana Bilbao.png

Diana Bilbao

Honors Math Teacher

Kristine Bronkan.png

Kristine Bronkan

Math/Science Teacher

John Fernandez.png

John Fernandez

Robotics - Religion

Myriam DeHainaut.png

Myriam DeHainaut

Religion Coordinator

Maripili Diaz.png

Maria Blanco-Diaz

Social Studies Teacher

Clarisa Gutierrez.png

Clarisa Gutierrez

Technology Teacher

Teresa Schmitt.png

Teresa Schmitt

Science/Stream Teacher

Nicole Morales.png

Nicole Morales

Science Teacher

Fernando Sol.png

Fernando Sol


Maria Eugenia Carmona.png

Maria Eugenia Carmona

Assistant Coach

Tessie Bravo.png

Tessie Bravo

7th Grade Teacher

Maritza Fernandez.png

Maritza Fernandez

6th Grade Teacher

Chantelle Montoto.png

Chantelle Montoto

5th Grade Teacher

Gabrielle Lorenzo.png

Gabrielle Lorenzo

4th Grade Teacher

Katie Insua.png

Katherine Insua

4th Grade Teacher

Dalila Garcia.png

Dalila Garcia

3rd Grade Teacher

Alma Lacayo.png

Alma Lacayo

3rd Grade Teacher Assistant

Madeleine Valeiras.png

Madeleine Valeiras

2nd Grade Teacher

Isolda Solorzano.png

Isolda Solorzano

Teacher Assistant

Elizabeth Lagomasino.png

Elizabeth Lagomasino

1st Grade Teacher

Jackie Boone.png

Jackie Boone

1st Grade Assistant

Daniella Martinez.png

Daniella Martinez

Kindergarten Teacher

Donna  Murphy.png

Donna Murphy

Kindergarten Assistant

Elena Rego.png

Elena Rego

Kindergarten Assistant

Yvonne Ferrer.png

Yvonne Ferrer

PK4 Teacher

Cristina Gonzalez.png

Cristina Gonzalez

PK4 Assistant

Cynthia Snyder.png

Cynthia Snyder

PK3 Teacher

Margarita Leal.png

Margarita Leal

PK3 Assistant

Hilda Cabrera.png

Hilda Cabrera

Substitute Teacher

Maria Calvo.png

Maria Calvo


Andres Morejon.png

Andres Morejon

Plant Manager 

Graciela Morejon.png

Graciela Morejon


Camilo Gonzalez.png

Camilo Gonzalez


Maria Cabrera School Maintenance.jpg

Maria Cabrera

Evening Custodian


Board Members

2021-2022 Board


Father Jose Alfaro


Cris Rodriguez

Advancement Director

Ceci Paz


Jorge Alfonso

Rafael Masso

Stephan Medina

Hector Meruelo

Raul Morales

Aaron Patience

Raymond Rodriguez-Torres

Cristy Rivero

Boris Zedan


Annual Report